Community development entails improving the social and economic aspects of a neighborhood. It involves the people in that particular neighborhood coming together to come up with ideas and activities that will benefit them. Active participation, dedication and strategies to promote the cause are much needed. Here are some of the tips that will promote community development

Regular Meetingsgscgcgsc

Frequent meetings in a community are highly encouraged. This is because the more the people meet up to discuss issuesaffecting them, the more the solutions will come up. Regular meetings also make it easy to know each other. It is very important to know each other for security and social purposes. Meetings are therefore encouraged to be held monthly or twice in a month.


It may sound peculiar to market strategies for community development but it I in fact a good idea. It is a good way of getting people to come together and brainstorm ideas in the development of the community. Different methods can be used to advertise for example flyers and social media sites like Facebook. People can monitor what is going on and air their views and grievances through such channels. In addition to that, those who missed the meetings can still know what is going on and have a voice through the same channels.

Be Open Minded

fagscgfscgcA community is comprised of people who are from different backgrounds. This includes religion, ethnicity and race. Different people have a different way of viewing things and none is necessarily right or wrong. Individuals have to accept each other for who they are and be open to new ideas. When people start clashing because of their differences, it becomes a bit unsafe and chaotic. People have to compromise so as to promote peace and harmony in the area.


When trying to complete a project, the councils in charge or any government group may not support the ideas and proposals. It is important to carry on though. Giving up should not be an option. Speaking up will help because at the end of the day, those who have a voice will be heard. Persistence is therefore important because the main goal is to better the community.
Community development is important. Projects like the completion of a bad road or putting up lights better the society by providing security. It is therefore important to be in harmony to ensure that the people are safe and the surrounding is good.