The impeccable system of the body

No pain no gain. We all have heard this saying. It means that whenever we want to achieve something, we have to go through a lot such as having sleepless nights, traveling from one place to another, working till our body hurts. All these are part and parcel of achieving a goal. In other words, it is the desire that counts. It is the will that makes us go through all that because deep down inside we know that everything would be worth it. The pressure that we are taking today or the pain that we are enduring would fetch us results tomorrow. But, there is another pain that is unbearable and unnecessary, and that is body pain.


Our body is made of hundreds of muscles and bones. Each has its own purpose. They function in tandem and individually to assist us in getting through the day. Whether we are walking towards our cars, playing sports or even eating, every muscle and bone is doing its job properly. Even if one of the muscle or bone malfunctions, the entire body tends to feel the heat of it. A little niggle in the calf can stop us from walking, let along playing or running. The pain becomes the first thing that we think of at the start of the day, and it is the last thing that crosses our mind at night. The body system is so flawless that even a slight flaw can throw everything in disarray.

Pain and its effects

When we suffer from any sort of pain, even performing daily duties becomes difficult. Whether it is the back pain, thigh pain, ankle sprains or neck pain. Every kind of pain makes our lives miserable. But, the worst is when our necks are in pain. We simply are unable to do anything. We can no longer bow down; we cannot look left or right without having to move our entire body, we cannot run, brisk walk or even get up from bed without an effort. Everything starts to take its toll on you because the neck is in pain.

The neck is the part that joins the head with the body. It contains veins and other pipes that connect the head to the chest and other adjoining areas. Therefore, the importance of neck cannot be further emphasized upon. A lot of times when we get up in the morning and are late for work, we tend to get out of the bed with a jerk. This jerk can be very harmful to the neck. After waking up, every muscle in the body is very weak and vulnerable. It needs time to get back in shape, and if sudden pressure is exerted on any of the muscles, it is more likely to ache. Similar is the case with the neck.


Moreover, if we fall or jump from any height, our neck feels the pinch of it. A slight bounce can hurt the muscle which can make us agitated till its back to normal. Therefore, whenever you are feeling any pain in the neck, it is important to get it checked and in the meanwhile apply pain relieving cream.

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